The purest Terror

Dear Peter,

everytime, when I so there sit and nothing bad think, when I a god book read, when I my yoga-exercises after me bring or when I simple my rest have will – then passeers it guaranteed: loudstark makes itself the telephone bemarkbar.

My first thought: Shit what thereupon, I am not here. all my friends know, when I to speak am an when not. Who can it be? But some time-companions are yes so hardnecky, that you the holy anger become can. They let the telephone jingle an jingle, so that a real mightfight begins. Who has the stronger nerves?

Last end’s become you with-sorrow. Muchlight is a friend in trouble and needs your help. And could it not be, that you the head-winner an a price-out-writing are and already a flight-trip to Barbados in the pocket have? That can man not on the long bank push, that needs initiative. I take the hearer up an say: “ yes?“ And who is it in the most falls? Someone, who you in the soul not outstand can, or some poor drop: „Sorry, I have the false number elected.“

It is purest terror! My friend Gerda makes the whole circus not more with: „Must I always for Hinz and Kunz parat stand, live I then only for the telephone?“ The end from the song: She has newerthings an automatic call-be-answerer. but is this now the egg of the Columbus? I say you: By wide not! For the caller may such a machine optimal be. Man sits letty there and can god and the world on band speak let-  when this everybody withmakes. By me to byplay go soforth the jalousies down, when I a call-be-answerer on the ear  have. I am so unhomely nervous und begin to stotter, when I hear:“ Speak They now!“ No sentence bring I tostand and hang lover the hearer in. shall the other himself who knows what think. Head-thing, he makes himself not lusty over me.

But one great forepart has the telephone, all what right is: Man can the blue trom heaven lie, and the other sees not, how man red in the face becomes. And what some people so on the telephone tell, would they in life not from face to face say.

But when you me ask, am I so or so more for’s letter-writing. So shall we two it also wider hold, not true?

Your true Gisela

(Quelle, Süddeutsche Zeitung)



2 Antworten to “The purest Terror”

  1. Ulf Runge Says:

    I have bookletly laughed here over! Automatic one England-man can not other when laugh there over.
    Heartly compliments, Ulf

  2. Manche fehlen - manche nicht « Das Glückshaus-Projekt Says:

    […] Andrea hat heute in ihrem Blog einen erheiternden Beitrag … ich zitiere mal meinen Lieblingssatz daraus: “And could it not be, that you the […]

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